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Ranging from ages from 5 weeks to 86 years and there are names of males as well as females. They were our neighbors…the folks we run into at PTA or the grocery. Unfortunately they all are victims of domestic violence.  They are here to remind us all that that if we know someone who is a victim of domestic violence there is something we can do.

Domestic Homicide Victims 2012

01/21/12 Shelley Gold, DOB 12/27/59, 52 years old, St. Petersburg, shot by her boyfriend who then killed himself.
01/22/12 Willard “Bill” Newton Hill III, 79 years old, Tarpon Springs, shot by his wife.
04/02/12 Irene Polukoff, DOB 05/20/62, 49 years old, Clearwater, shot by her husband who then killed himself.
04/23/12 Judith Lee Davis, DOB 06/10/50, 61 years old, St. Petersburg, smothered with a pillow by her husband.
04/24/12 Donalyn Walsh, 53 years old, Palm Harbor, shot by her husband who then killed himself.
04/25/12 Stacie Diane Wolski, DOB 03/02/72, 40 years old, Largo, shot by her husband who then killed himself.

Domestic Homicide Victims 2011

05/24/11 Shanessa Lynn Chappie, DOB 11/04/86, 24 years old, killed by her boyfriend and buried in the back yard.
06/12/11 Megan E. Sullivan, DOB 08/13/88, 22 years old, shot by her boyfriend who then killed himself.
07/08/11 Darlene M. Mayfield, DOB 12/15/51, 59 years old, suffocated by her husband and then placed in a bathtub to decompose.
08/01/11 Steven L. Green, DOB 10/31/73, 37 years old, stabbed and killed by his girlfriend.
08/24/11 Eduardo Quesada, 66 years old, shot by his girlfriend.
12/21/11 Landy Martinez-Esquivel, DOB 12/13/90, 21 years old, shot by his boyfriend.

Domestic Homicide Victims 2010

11/18/2010 Branden Allen Wilde, 19, St. Petersburg
8/17/2010 Jennifer Nicole Williams, 30, Seminole
3/24/2010 Anastasia Boyd, 24, St. Petersburg
2/06/2010 CJ Wall, 5 weeks old, Clearwater (son), 2/17/10 Laura Taft, age 29, Clearwater (his mother)
4/18/2010 Elfleter S. Bolden, age 33, St. Petersburg  

Domestic Homicide Victims 2009

4/11/09 Alma Joyce Pertee, age56, St. Petersburg
4/01/09 Joanna Campbell, age 66, Palm Harbor
5/22/09 Donna Aline Havard Wood, age 54 Snell Isle
5/21/09 Carol Newberry, age 49, Treasure Island
5/28/09 Charles T. Longboat, age 52, South Pasadena
8/24/09 Dorothy Aloizakis, age 86, Palm Harbor   

Domestic Homicide Victims  2008

8/06/08    Rita Lisa Keeler, age 76, Largo
10/25/08    Jeanine Tuckey, age 33, Clearwater
11/28/08    Deana M. Cataneo, age 39, Belleair
12/20/08    Elizabeth Evans, age 44, Pasadena, and her friend Gerald Taylor, age 43, Tampa

Domestic Homicide Victims 2007

3/23/07 Mr. Sheddred T. Burney, age 60, Clearwater
4/18/07 Edeisha E. Daniel, age 18, St. Petersburg
5/12/07 Amy Alice Norris, age 24, Pinellas Park
5/12/07 Polly Chan, age 49, Tarpon Springs
7/31/07 Samantha MacQuilliam, age 19, Palm Harbor
9/03/07 Mariama Martin/Williams, age 31, St. Petersburg
12/14/07 Jennifer Renee Davis, age 27, Largo
12/14/07 Andrea H. Pisanello, age 53, Largo
12/14/07 Magnus Bernsdorff, age 5, Clearwater
12/14/07 Olivia Bernsdorff, age 8, Clearwater
12/29/07 Kelly D. Burgess, age, 27, St. Petersburg
06/23/07 Robert Penders, age 50, Largo
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